Fossil Camper Charm

Charms are full of whimsy.  Camping trips are full of memories.  Bracelets are unique to the wearer. So why not combine all three into a fabulous creation?

 And come on…who DOESN’T love to wear a charm bracelet

.  Well… maybe your husband or boyfriend wouldn’t jump at the chance.  BUT most men love to buy their loved ones beautiful treasures, right?

So why not commemorate your extra special vacation, memory, or trip with a camper charm?

 Just look at this beautiful Fossil charm!

Silver.  Red.  Spinning wheel.  Crystal in the door.  Volkswagen.

Wear it on a bracelet or necklace.  Versatile.


Yes, I know.  Bad pun! LOL.

But, I’ll take this one to go, please.  🙂

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