YSIN: Opera Camper

Lights… Camera… Action!

Meet YSIN’s (Your Suite in Action)  “The Opera.”

This vogue camper suite features a teak veranda, two electrically adjustable beds that combine into one,  hot water heater, fountain, shower, ceramic toilet, top loading refrigerator, and low-energy LED lighting.

Located in Geldrop, the Netherlands, YSIN (Your Suite In Nature) created this lovely camper.  Although no longer in production, a few beautiful “Opera” campers still exist in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Australia.

Another beautiful camper!  Thank-you www.ysin.co.uk!

2 responses to “YSIN: Opera Camper

  1. I just got a 2013 catalog from the Korean tent company, Kovea. Guess who has a new tent that looks exactly like this, and is named “Opera”? Grrrrr….
    Shameless – That is all I’m going to say.

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