Eduardo Böhtlingk: De Markies

Meet De Markies: The Awning.

 Contemporary architect and design connoisseur, Eduard Böhtlingk, created this amazing mobile camper. His company, Architectenbureau Böhtlingk is located in Maasland, the Netherlands.

Two expandable canvas sides increase the floorspace threefold.

Featuring a bedroom with privacy canvas, a sitting room with transparent canvas for a phenomenal view, and an interior room with stove, sink, table, and multiple storage places, this camper is sure to meet your needs.

Contemporary orange, stainless steel, and crisp white complete an eye-pleasing design.

Many fold-out benches provide comfortable seating for family and friends.

Awarded the Public Prize at Rotterdam Design Prize 1996 this camper is sure to please.   Please visit for more information.

91 responses to “Eduardo Böhtlingk: De Markies

    • Hi Kelly, I e-mailed the company in the hopes of finding this information for you. As soon as I hear from them, I will let you know. Thanks for asking! Janna

  1. Marc, I have not yet heard back from Eduard Bohtlingtk. I am assuming that means this camper is still in production. It is a great looking camper!

    • Hi Chris, Thank-you for your interest. I just emailed Bohtlingk Architectuur today to find out if they have any updated information. When I find out, I will post an update. 🙂

  2. Chris, I just received an e-mail from the Bohtlingk company stating that the Markies camper is not yet in production. They are continuing to work towards setting it up and will e-mail me when it is in production. Wish I had better info for you. Sorry!

  3. cant the designer give you any indication as to when these will be available for sale? 2015 Or 2016? It sure is taking a long time and makes one worry there are flaws

    • Good questions. Just so you know, I sent them another email last week and I received their standard automated reply:

      Thank you for your interest in our company.
      If needed we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

      Best Regards,
      Böhtlingk Architecture

      I hope that they will send me a better update when they have time to review my query. I will post their response if they do. Thank you for your interest.

  4. we are interested in purchasing one of these incredible campers and would like to know when they are going into production and what the cost will be. Is there shipping cost involved?

    • I don’t think they are in production yet. I have contacted the company for more information and they have not provided any. I am sorry. As soon as I hear something, I will post an update!

  5. Hello Janna ! every body is asking a lot of questions and I’m sure you gonna become the new ambassador of those Marlies hahahah
    Please put me on your list for updates about production of The Markies.

    Thank you so much


    • That is a good idea Nico. I created a Newsletter Sign-Up Widget beneath the Search button on my blog. This will allow me to email people directly when I receive an update. Please sign up if you are interested and follow my blog if you are not already. I hope that helps! Thanks so much, Janna.

  6. So its been since 2012 that you have been gwtting questions on price, why is it taking so long to find out that information? Seems a little strange.

    • Kayla, I wish I had the answer for that. In 2012 I received a response from Eduardo Bohtlingk in regards to my query, saying that they were not yet in production but busy setting it up. In the last week I queried them again and received their standard reply to all questions, promising more information when it’s available. My guess is that they are still working on “setting it up.” I hope this changes. When I get an update, I will post it on my blog. Sorry for the disappointment!

  7. Hi, just cruisin through as I looked up information on this trailer. I see they are not to informative of where they are in their process, can you post the contact info you have? Maybe more inquiries into their product will get them to step it up on the production.

  8. Blijft een geweldig innovatief idee. Ik volg deze markies ook al een tijdje en blijf hopen dat hij in productie gaat komen. Wellicht dat het architectenbureau ook wel betere dingen te doen heeft en de productie hiervan geen prioriteit heeft. Ben benieuwd!

    • Sure. Can you send me your email address ( or sign up for my newsletter? It is located on the right hand side of my blog (right below the search button). Thank you!!

  9. Hi Janna, Please notify me of any updates re DeMarkie production, prices, etc. Thanks much………….Doug Speer.

  10. I’m tired of waiting! Lol! I have begun looking into constructing my own! I’ve built houses, cars and have a bachelor’s in engineering. It didn’t appear to be that complicated and it will give me something to do over the spring/summer months!

  11. Hi Janna My name Rania I’m from UAE and we would like to get one here I signed up on your list , hope you get an update soon .

  12. Janna, Please let me know when you hear something, even from Jason. I have a feeling he could get it going quicker than Bohtlingk (sp??). It’s a great concept but it’s hard to believe it’s taking so long to develop it unless they’re trying to assemble them to sell for a reasonable price and even that doesn’t seem to be a good reason for such a long delay.

    • I will. Just make sure you sign up for updates. I’ve not heard anything recently. Unfortunately. It makes me wonder if they are actually putting it into production at all.

  13. Janna, I couldn’t find anything on the link for renting one in Amsterdam. Do you have anymore information on the campsite? I will be there next month with my cousins and we would like to check into it.

  14. Jenn from Australia … i have been working on a similar design for eons for somehting to build for myself… but this one is far more simple and compact than mine … would love to buy one – would save me headaches galore … please let me know if and when they are available … my dream come true

  15. I would love to be added to the list of those being notified when you hear any details. Thanks!

  16. If there are so many problems (or he is too busy w/ other things) it may NEVER go into production. I wonder if he would consider selling plans for it? Would he have had a lot of specialty parts machined for it? It looks so simple, although that doesn’t mean it really is! A good hobby carpenter and a sewist might be able to do most of the work.


  17. Looking forward to see or know if this trailer/caravan will actually be built. This one kicks all American camper trailes rear ends.

  18. Have u gotten an update yet as to production if so let me know I go I want this to I live in Colorado Let them know many a thousand people want this design

  19. I really had to reply to this blog and its comments, I have had a similar idea for years and then found this design which is ideal for what i want. How can they say they are putting it into production for the last 4 years, 25 years after it was designed, and still not have any information to report? This must be more complicated. Maybe they are signing a deal with another manufacturer, or filing patents to protect the idea. Maybe there is a safety issue. It would be great if someone would do a homebuild and share the plans…

  20. Ok, so now it is the end of August 2016. I just saw this on Pinterest & have spent the afternoon trying to track down a manufacturer. Has Bohtlingk started manufacturing or has he given up the idea? Was it Jason that was going to build his own? How is that going?

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