Alu Cab: South African VW Camper

Have you ever wanted to camp in Africa? Soak in the sun amidst elephants and lions?

Hmmm….although I’m not so sure I’d want to tent it in the wilderness, I’d be up for trying this cool VW I camper produced by Alu Cab.

Alu Cab, a company located in both Kennilworth, Cape Town and Johannesburg, Gauteng (Africa) specializes in creating vehicles made from aluminum.  These vehicles are designed for both commercial use and specialized trips, such as camping expeditions to the deepest heart of Africa.

 Featuring an expandable roof and slide out, this camper is designed with comfort in mind.  The aluminum sides keep out uninvited animals and make for quick clean-up in the rain.  The expandable roof makes standing up to change clothes, a breeze.  The camper bed’s are on gas lifts so they fold away, allowing for greater mobility and space inside the camper.

Alu Cab builds their campers to survive thousands of kilometres in the most demanding of off-road conditions. They focus on durability.

 Their motto is “Simple, Light and Strong.”

Imagine the great photos one could take in the middle of the wilderness.

For more information regarding available product and purchasing, check out Alu Cab’s website at

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