Airstream Birdhouse Trailer

It’s cold in Michigan.  The skies are slate gray and the clouds are non-existent.  Brown grass peeks out from beneath clumps of melting snow.  The trees reach their stark branches high, promising spring with their new buds and evoking my itch to camp again.

  But knowing Michigan weather, it could be at least two more months before we are snow free and ready for travel.

Unless you’re a Florida snowbird.

Not all of us are that lucky!

Instead a beautiful airstream birdhouse trailer will have to suffice.

And who can complain? These are lovely.

The designer, Chris Cummings describes these on his Etsy page.  “The houses measures approx. 12″ L x 6″ H x 6″ W.  The diameter of the hole is 1 3/8”.  The bottom features a hinged door to allow for easy cleaning at the end of the season. The skin is new aluminum.  The base is made from a special sign plywood designed to spend it’s life outdoors.  I have added a coat of primer and paint for additional protection.  The nails are stainless steel.  The hanger wire is galvanized.  The pieces are attached with a high performance adhesive designed for exterior use.  These are high quality creations. “

I’d say these are not only high quality in craftsmanship but also intriguing pieces of art.

Please visit Chris Cumming”s shop Chrome Dome Studio on Etsy for more information.

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