Cocoon Tree Bed

Romance is in the air! Especially with one of these gorgeous Cocoon Tree tents.

Spherical in structure, these tents are supported with an aluminum frame and resistant, waterproof tarpaulin. Additional safety netting can be purchased.

 Cocoon Tree’s hanging tents are 3 meters in diameter and feature a high quality mattress with a custom-made duvet.

They easily sleep two adults or a  couple with two small children.

Well ventilated, these waterproof hanging tents also feature mosquito netting and allow for the installation of an air conditioner and heater.

Costs starts at 8000 dollars USD (not including shipping or installation). If you are interested in more information, or purchasing one of these beauties, click-through to Cocoon Tree’s website at

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One response to “Cocoon Tree Bed

  1. Tree tents are awesome and we highly recommend them for those camping enthusiast that are looking for something different. Thanks for the article guys.

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