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11 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi! this is a great looking site!!! I didn’t know there was so much uniqueness in campers and camping :).

  2. Hi, the camper “Eduardo Böhtlingk: De Markies” is amazing. Can I buy it anywhere? I live in UK. Thanks and regards, Gi

    • Giuseppe, Thank-you for your response! I have not yet heard from the company about a sales release date. I am sorry. As soon as I do, I will post information. I think it is an amazing camper as well!

  3. Hi Janna,
    Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.
    Yes, please keep me informed as soon as you get info related to the sale of that amazing camper.
    Thanks and regards,

  4. Hello Janna, I would like to know about how much in USD this camper would be…It is the one that has the sides fold out with the accordian look to them. Thank you.

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