Cool My Camper: Air Conditioner

Not every camping unit has an air conditioner.


I think every camper should, but only because I like to camp-in-style.

Having said that, I take my hat off to every person who enjoys portaging and rustic camping. That is a very special form of vacationing, designed only for the heartiest of souls.

However, if you’re like me, and enjoy the luxury of unnaturally cooled and dehumidified air, this is the device for you.

Cool my Camper designed a portable air conditioning unit for hard-sided campers (trailers, motor homes, caravans) which clips over the ledge of your trailer’s window using mounting brackets. It does NOT involve knocking out or replacing any windows, which is wonderful. It also does not interfere with the use of your window, UNLESS, you are using your unit. When in use, the window should remain closed. Common sense!

Seriously. How AMAZING is this. You can leave the air conditioner at home during cool seasons when it is not needed, or stow it in a larger storage area inside your camper. Using only 350 watts, it will not trip your breaker or vibrate your camper.

According to the air conditioner is a refrigerant unit with an external condenser unit and internal fan unit. It is not water-cooled or a thermoelectric cooler.  It’s user-friendly controls include a LCD display which controls two fan speeds and four levels of cooling. It’s timer switches the unit off in periods of time from 30 minutes to seven and a half hours. The unit is also thermostatically controlled. When the cooling function reaches the desired temperature, it switches onto a lower setting to save energy.

If you are interested in purchasing an air conditioning unit, please visit

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